Erin Gray, President

Oonagh Benson, President-Elect

Mandy Baxley, Secretary

Dustin David, Treasurer

Victor Payton, M.D., Past-President

Matt Beachum
Katherine Blackman, M.D.
Tricia Bostwick
Gabe Brauer
Elaine Cook
Laura Crowe
Mary DeLoach
Ashley L. Love
Temple McLanahan
Cathy McCleary
Amy Parrish
Staci Pfeiffer
Haley Robison
Matthew Smith
Ashley Stalvey
Katie Walraven

Why do these community leaders volunteer their time to PCAA?

This young PCAA client-mom says it best: “My family support worker is a blessing in my life, listens to me and builds my confidence, helps me find solutions for my problems and inspires me to be a better parent and person.”

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