Parenting Classes

Parenting is the most important and difficult job in the world, and yet it is the job that we are least prepared for. There is not “diploma” in how to be a great mom or dad! For parents wanting to learn more about positive parenting skills and strategies, Brightpaths offers parenting classes and information to groups or individuals.

Classes are generally one night per week for six to ten weeks and offered in various locations.  Currently, there is no “set” schedule for classes.  Brightpaths chooses dates, times and locations when enough people to make a class sign up.  If you are interested in an upcoming parenting class, please call Lynn Dixson at (706) 546-9713 (ext. 217) or email her at


If your group or organization wants someone from Brightpaths to speak at an upcoming meeting or training, please call our Executive Director, David Earnest, at (706) 546-9713 (ext.201) or email him at

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